kattens no 1

Kattens no 1


Choose from a wide range of exclusive Kattens No.1 climbing tree models or build your own climbing trees in all kinds of sizes and forms. Kattens No.1 series makes the dream come true for your cat. It´s possible to custom make climbing trees in order to ft it to your home. Whether there are a lot of space or not, leaning walls and ceilings or many windows - or that your interior decoration just doesn’t leave much left for your cat’s needs to move around. Kattens No.1´s combination modules are what makes it all possible.  On the wall, stand-alone or include the ceiling - build in any direction your want - wall combinations that doesn’t include the foor is also a choice - only your fantasy sets the limit. Add resting shelves, caves and food-shelves to your Kattens No.1 system - there are hundreds of ways to build and make a comfortable action and resting area for your cat